Summer Music at St. Mary's 2014


St Mary's is the historic Parish Church of Swanage; the present building, dating from 1860 and 1901, replaces the medieval building, of which the fourteenth century tower - with its ring of eight bells - is all that remains, though some of the monuments were transferred from the old building. Among the windows, the east window and the Creation window are fine examples from the mid- and late-twentieth century. As well as daily prayers in the chapel and our regular Sunday worship, enriched by a strong choral tradition, the church hosts many concerts. Why not come along and enjoy one of our summer concerts?



Summer Music 

Thursday 1 May at 7.30pm

 The Sixteen

"The Queen of Heaven"...a programme of music devoted to the church, including Allegri's Miserere, sung by the award winning choir.






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